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a.1.Easily or clearly seen; distinctly visible; perspicuous.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Professor Ron Mathews, professor of defence economics at the UK Defence Academy, said: "It's just being sightful for nations and forms to promote not just the creativity and innovation in the 4IR, but to use the skills achieved to develop long term security and sustainability growth."
Gerard Grech, chief executive of Tech City UK, said: "Tech City UK's mission is to build a pipeline of high-growth tech businesses by nurturing talent, publishing in sightful research, and champion ing the UK tech sector nationally and internationally.
When I was in Sightful and when I was in Spriration I had some of my best new ideas.
Queer Optimism positions its author as an in sightful scholar with refreshing, seriously considered ideas that have the potential to revitalize the field--to help queer theory better understand its early years, to question its motives, and to ask itself what new avenues it must open if it's to evolve as a field.
Lorenz, "A physically in sightful approach to the design and accuracy assessment of flux observes for field oriented induction machine drives", IEEE IAS Annu.
To visit Italy through the eyes of author Andrea Lee, an African-American expatriate living in Italy, her collection Interesting Women contains in sightful, witty well-written short stories of women living and traveling abroad, many set in Italian cities.
Capriccio: 'Tis passing miraculous that your dull and blind worship should so suddenly turn both sightful and witful.
When he passed away in May of 1997, those of us who sought out his in sightful writing-- mostly to find the words to help us express our own affection for dogs, birds and guns--lost a friend we never met.