cotton rat

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Noun1.cotton rat - destructive long-haired burrowing rat of southern North America and Central America
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
genus Sigmodon, Sigmodon - American cotton rats
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La subfamilia Sigmodontinae incluye once tribus (i.e., Abrotrichini, Akodontini, Andinomyini, Ichthyomyini, Oryzomyini, Phyllotini, Reithrodontini, Sigmodontini, Thomasomyini, Wiedomyini y Euneomyini) y varios linajes incertae sedis (D'Elia et al., 2007; Patton et al.
Estas son: Abrotrichini, Andinomyini, Akodontini, Ichthyomyini, Oryzomyini, Phyllotini, Sigmodontini y Thomasomyini.
However, the putative North American clade including Jacobsomys, Calomys, Bensonomys, and the Prosigmodon group, sometimes considered as members of the Sigmodontini or Sigmodontinae rather than Peromyscini-Neotomini (e.g., Baskin, 1978, 1986; Czaplewski, 1987; but see Pardinas etal., 2002 for an alternative interpretation), clusters basal to Postcopemys and Baiomys.