Sigmund Romberg

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Noun1.Sigmund Romberg - United States composer (born in Hungary) who composed operettas (1887-1951)
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When compared with English-language American operettas of the period, epitomized by those of European immigrants Rudolf Friml and Sigmund Romberg, Die goldene kale exhibits several common features.
More important is the reminder that prior to teaming with Rodgers, Hammerstein collaborated successfully with other composers, including Sigmund Romberg, with whom he wrote operettas, and Jerome Kern, with whom he wrote Show Boat' (1927).
Which operetta by Sigmund Romberg features a famous drinking song?
They proved to be an impressive partnership in duets like Cole Porter's Let's Do It from the Parisian musical, Can-Can, and Lover Come Back to Me from the 1926 operetta by Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein.
ANSWERS: 1 Khartoum; 2 Dublin; 3 Pele; 4 A feature based on interviews with the general public; 5 Sigmund Romberg; 6 Betsy; 7 Japanese; 8 The Kodak camera; 9 Radiation; 10 The shin.
Soprano Maria D'Amato and baritone Dimitrie Lazich lead an ensemble in performing the best songs of Victor Herbert, Sigmund Romberg, Franz Lehar and more, at 7:30 p.m.
Everett looks at film versions of Sigmund Romberg's 1928 operetta The New Moon, illustrating how Hollywood producers could radically alter the setting, plot, and musical content of a stage work in their efforts to sell popcorn.
A book that places such songs alongside the Sigmund Romberg operettas, the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical plays, and the innovative works by Stephen Sondheim is the only way to go.
They range from Eleanor Roosevelt to Sigmund Romberg, from Bishop Fulton J.