Signal station

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the place where a signal is displayed; specifically, an observation office of the signal service.

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Perhaps there was once a hill-fort, or signal station, on its summit.
Go through the gate to the side of the cattle grid and follow the tarmac road past the inn to the car park marking the site of the old signal station.
The Minister of Defense, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov and the leadership of the Ministry have visited the combat command post, the signal station, the laboratory for testing and repairing control devices, simulators designed to train management professionals, as well as other office and administrative premises.
Anil Saxena, Director-general and Public Relation Officer of the Indian Railway said that train derailed near the advanced signal station ahead of the Khatauli railway station.
These views made it perfect for use as a lighthouse and signal station. It was named after British captain Lord Dunmore and Viscount Fincastle who wanted to keep the residents safe from pirates.
About sixty yards behind the front line was a small trench which was used as an advanced signal station. Messages were brought by runners who made use of an old German communication trench to this station: they were then transmitted back to Battalion Headquarters which was in a sunken road about five hundred yards behind.
There's also the chance to walk across a much-celebrated new bridge linking the headland to the Mizen Head Signal Station.
The view over the bay at Baltimore, above, and from left is the Inchydoney Island beach, the Clonakilty Hotel, the bridge linking the headland to the Mizen Head Signal Station and the Baltimore Beacon
LTC Alexander would later claim "that wretched little signal station" as the reason the attack failed at Little Round Top.
Your son John was at the signal station at the Washington Road, (Beach Grove Station) which station (where) most of the force there were captured.
The withdrawal signal flares were fired at 0830 and five minutes later the troops had, "Fallen back on to the German front line, sufficient covering parties being left to cover the retirement." At Z+57 the 20[th] Battalion's advanced Signal Station reported all raiders back in the Canadian trenches and they immediately proceeded down Communication Trenches to Brigade Reserve near Bully Grenay.