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Noun1.signal-to-noise - the ratio of signal intensity to noise intensitysignal-to-noise - the ratio of signal intensity to noise intensity
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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To carry out the tests, the signals were contaminated by additive white noise and the input segmental signal-to-noise ratio (SNRI) was adjusted to 3 dB.
Published in the journal Physical Review Applied under the title "Spontaneous Emission and Fundamental Limitations on the Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Deep-Subwavelength Plasmonic Waveguide Structures with Gain," the paper proposes a way to evaluate the maximum possible data transfer speeds in nanophotonic processors by understanding the fundamental limitations imposed by noise in electromagnetic fields.
"These new devices offer superb AC characteristics at a low 1.8 V power supply; a combination that assists designers in maintaining optimum signal-to-noise performance as well as lower power consumption and less heat dissipation."
The device features high linearity and excellent gain for an improved signal-to-noise ratio.
According to the company, the new Mythen2 R series feature full-range Ti to Ag detection, supreme signal-to-noise ratios, a new control system, the ability to be combined into larger systems, and new compact size, making the series suitable for any diffractometer geometry from portable instruments to large multi-modular systems.
The ultrahigh signal-to-noise ratio sensor allows users to set exposure time from 1 msec up to 10 sec and adjust 20 scales of Gain value.
On its own, this would not be particularly useful, but in conjunction with the improved signal-to-noise ratios at low energies, the result is lower detection limits for target compounds.
Among the topics are spaceborne optical sensors, channel coding, multi-sensor image fusion, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of satellite sensors using digital de-noising, and reducing the dimensionality of hyperspectral imagery.
The study suggests that the signal-to-noise ratio of the brain activity underlying our thoughts can be remastered as well.
Even more important, they'll need to carefully assess whether implementing Big Data will increase their "signal-to-noise ratio" enough to yield benefits sufficient to cover the large investments.
Signal-to-noise ratio is the relationship between a signal (what they want) and the distracting, distorting interference that is called noise (what they don't want).

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