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a.1.(Zool.) Having definite color markings.
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The Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, at the height of his creative powers according to Dabashi, was able to allow "the sign simply to signate, palpitate with its semiotic sensuality, without ever collapsing into habitual modes of signification' (Dabashi, 2001: 252; emphases are Dabashi's own).
Thus, it could be argued that woman's "first actuality," itself a kind of potency, united to the signate matter of which she is made, manifests her embodiment as the receptive principle as such, lending woman a purer potency, a greater receptivity that is both ontological and physical.
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Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training--Diame Signate
Quia vero predicte sanctimoniales, secundum Juliacensis institui propositum, perpetua signate clausura ad secularia non declinant negotia, de monachis Molismensibus habebunt sibi spiritualium et temporalium bonorum provisores et ministros."
Moreover, their nature or quiddity is received in signate matter.
Meme a l'egard de parties du projet de loi qui n'impliquaient que la possibilite de depenses, le President a signate qu'on ne lui avait presente aucun fait lui permettant de determiner si ces dispositions seraient financees au moyen d'une nouvelle taxe ou de credits deja autorises en vertu d'une autre loi.
Tenders are invited for Supply Installation And Configuration Of Semi Out Door High Brightness Digital Signate System
It consists not only in separation from signate matter (for example, the consideration of natural forms apart from matter or of the species apart from the accidents of the individual) as in natural science, but from all sensible matter; and not only secundum rationem as in mathematics, but secundum esse, sicut Deus et intelligientiae.