signature loan

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sig′nature loan`

a loan requiring no collateral.
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Since at least 2007, when Sparks was hired, NARFE has offered its holiday loans based on the terms of the credit union's standard signature loans.
Dollar Loan Center offers Signature Loans of $2,500 to California residents requiring no collateral and with no origination or application fees.
Other lenders already had first liens on the property, and the Signature loans to the grass farm were never filed of public record, which made the debt unsecured.
This title provides information for businesses from small to national firms on how to raise money, including collateralized and signature loans, credit card lines of debt, and venture and public capital.
The qualification requirements, however, are similar to those of signature loans.
Other benefits include: loans to cooperatives for major capital improvements; a payroll deduction plan for all employees of any affiliated company; automobile loans; passbook loans; and signature loans.
The NEA Credit Plan, provided by NEA Member Benefits, offers unsecured signature loans from $3,000 to $15,000, with repayment plans of up to six years.
But we have lots of signature loans where we're going to have to try to measure impairment.
As a full-service financial institution, NJGFCU offers savings and checking products as well as a vast array of lending options, ranging from personal or signature loans to 40-year mortgages.
When it comes to financing what are essentially long-term, high-balance signature loans, Smith sees a potential threat to participating credit unions' bottom lines.
InstaLoan offers a range of short-term lending solutions, including including first lien loans, second lien loans, signature loans, and personal loans to individuals no matter what their credit history.
Dollar Loan Center, founded in 1998, is the largest provider of short term signature loans in Nevada with additional locations in Utah and South Dakota.