signature loan

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sig′nature loan`

a loan requiring no collateral.
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9% from June 2013 when signature loan originations were USD 154.
A signature loan is one that is not backed by collateral and is, instead, granted based on the borrower's credit, income and ability to repay, hence the higher rates and fees.
We raised an additional $60,000 from private investors and received an $18,000 signature loan from the bank," says Smith.
Seniors now can receive a grant rather than a loan, and qualifying residents under 62 can get a signature loan without taking a lien out on their property.
For instance, while Pacific Northwest Ironworkers' offers a line of credit and a signature loan, in practice the credit union will make more of the latter because they know the fixed amount and the fixed interest rate will resonate more with their members.
After finding the ideal storefront in the quaint Park Hill area of North Little Rock, Howard combined $3,000 of her own savings with a $5,000 signature loan and gifts from family to give life to her idea of the perfect salon.
The company mentioned that its quarterly results were outstanding with its signature loan business making the largest contribution to earnings growth.
a provider of complete mortgage lending software solutions, announced at the 91st MBA Annual Convention & Expo the implementation of its signature loan origination software (LOS) system by Atlanta-based Bay Rock Mortgage and San Diego-based Courtesy Mortgage.
The report praised a number of credit union payday loan alternatives, including the Credit Builder and Score Building loan products from Alternatives Federal Credit Union in New York and other credit unions, such as Navy Federal, which have flexible policies on its signature loan programs that allow them to function as payday loan alternatives.
We also look to council members and see if there is something else we can do such as a small signature loan, but some members don't want the obligation of loan.
Phillips spoke to him about the terms, conditions and interest rate of the loan and suggested that the member open a signature loan instead of a short-term loan.
Through signature loan programs, including the Credit Comeback Loan and the Credit Repair(SM) Mortgage, Full Spectrum offers loan products for both refinance and purchase transactions.
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