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n.1.(Eng. Eccl. Law) Formerly, a writ issuing out of chancery, upon certificate given by the ordinary, of a man's standing excommunicate by the space of forty days, for the laying him up in prison till he submit himself to the authority of the church.
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caelestis hierarchiae; et hoc etiam significavit Dominus si de turbine corporali vocem suam sensibiliter fecit audiri>>.
lt;<movimento religioso>> haud significavit extinctionem eiusdem anomaliam psychicam, immo servare commercium sexuale ac praegnantia perdurantibus sponsaliciis genuerunt in ea necessitatem inconscientem reparationis erroris una cum ambientis pressione.
In response, with Significavit nobis, of 10 December 1210, Innocent, as well as emphasizing that the Almohads impiously occupied the lands which they held in Spain, again took up what was for him the vital theme of Christian unity (76).