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special interest group


1. signal.
2. signature.
3. signor.
4. signore; signori.
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For the rest of the day, the more timid went whole streets about, for the sake of avoiding the Seven Gables; while the bolder sig nalized their hardihood by challenging their comrades to race past the mansion at full speed.
JDA SIGs provide an environment where members can share ideas on product direction and enhancements with JDA product management.
Misunderstandings about SIGs is growing as 40 percent of small businesses believe that SIG members are not financially responsible for claims of all companies in the SIG, an increase from 32 percent in the 2008 poll
This month, Contributing Editor Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN[R], a strong advocate of SIGs, interviewed several SIG members to highlight some of the many benefits of SIG membership, such as connecting with others to make your voice heard within a large organization, pursuing a research interest, or advancing knowledge (see p.
While the composition and the roles of the SIGs have changed throughout the years, they have consistently produced high quality information and leadership for ANNA.
By its sponsorship of the ACM and SIGs, your organization joins with other companies in offering material support to the goals of the ACM and the advancement of the computer sciences.
Although the differing clinical focus of the LYM and CTN SIGs demonstrates the vast diversity of the groups, both share similar purposes.
SIGs represent, at the grass roots level, the dominant technical interests in ACM.
Technology Provider Partners with SIG in SIG's continued Global Expansion
I first joined the Radiation (RT) SIG when it primarily served as a gathering at Congress and produced the Boost newsletter.
Extended Terms of Office for SIG Officers Bylaw 7, Special Interest Groups, Section 5, Structure and Management, states that the officers of a permanent SIG are elected by plurality vote of the SIG members for two-year terms beginning July 1 in odd-numbered years.
These groups include the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable (PSAP) SIG, the PeopleSoft Credit & Accounts Receivable Experts (PSCARE) SIG, the PeopleSoft Healthcare Industry User Group and the PeopleSoft CRM User Group.