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n. pl. Sihasapa or Si·ha·sa·pas
A member of a Native American people constituting a subdivision of the Lakota, with a present-day population in South Dakota. Also called Blackfoot, Blackfoot Sioux.
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Noun1.Sihasapa - a member of a group of Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux
Lakota, Teton, Teton Dakota, Teton Sioux - a member of the large western branch of Sioux people which was made up of several groups that lived on the plains
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The reservation, located throughout North and South Dakota, has been occupied by several Native American tribes including Sihasapa Lakota, Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota.
The reservation is located in North Dakota and South Dakota, where the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, consisting of Hunkpapa Lakota, Sihasapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota, reside.
The Lakota lived west of the Missouri River, and their subgroups are also known as Oceti Sakowin or "Seven Fires," popularly referred to as the Seven Council Fires: Oglala-to scatter; Sicangu-bumt leg or thigh; Hunkpapa-those who camp at the end; Mniconju-to plant by the water; Oohenunpa-two boilings or two kettles; Itazipacola-without bows; and Sihasapa (sometimes Siksika)-black soles or black feet.