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1. A pungent flammable gas, SiH4, that is toxic and irritating, used in the manufacture of semiconductors.
2. Any of a group of silicon hydrides having the general formula SinH2n+2 that are analogous to the alkanes.


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless gas containing silicon


(ˈsɪl eɪn)

1. a gas with an unpleasant odor, SiH4, soluble in water: used as a dopant for semiconductors in the production of solid-state devices.
2. any of a class of silicon hydrides analogous to the alkanes.
[< German Silan (1916); see silicon, -ane]
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SIVATE E610 Enhanced silane is a proprietary combination of a dipodal silanes with an amine functional silane.
Inauguration of a laboratory building after 2-year construction period Multi-million investment in research and development High demand for innovative specialty silanes.
Walia et al improved flexible polyurethane foams by adding hydrolysable silanes to the foam formulation.
7,8 In addition, thermal treatment of silanes have been employed for improvements in ceramic bonding.
has added Elizabeth Roetger and Bill Severns as regional sales managers of Silanes Business.
Rising demand for green tire, growing automobile sales, rising water-based coating formulation, and increasing focus on fuel efficiency and regulation compliance are the prime factors driving the growth of the silanes market"
Amine and alkanolamine functional silanes are blended with polyol rather than the diisocyanate.
5,12,21-23) Organic functional silanes can form chemical bonds with active sites on the metal substrate and with the reactive groups of polymer molecules, hence a stable and high-energy bond between the substrate and the coating may be formed.
The advantage of treating the natural fiber with silanes lies in that the particle loses its hydrophilic nature due to the formation of a bond between part of the silane with the hydroxyl groups present in the cellulose, one of the main components of the natural fibers [4] [5] [6] [7].
The research in this report is being undertaken to compare the effectiveness to functionalize glass surfaces with long chain silanes versus a short chain moiety, chlorotrimethylsilane (Si (CH3)3 Cl) (CTMS).
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