Silene virginica

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Noun1.Silene virginica - perennial herb of eastern North America, having red flowers with narrow notched petalsSilene virginica - perennial herb of eastern North America, having red flowers with narrow notched petals
genus Silene - large widely distributed genus of plants having mostly showy flowers of various colors: campion; catchfly
campion, catchfly, silene - any plant of the genus Silene
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canadensis Common elderberry Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot Sanicula odorata Black snakcroot Silene stellata Starry campion Silene virginica Fire pink Smilax hispida (= S.
A dynamite little combination of plants for fans of flaming colors is Cardinal-flower (Lobelia cardinalis) with Fire-pink (Silene virginica), Eastern Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis), and Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica).
Thus the primary goals of our study were to determine if iteroparous Silene virginica female reproductive effort was pollen limited in two sites during the 1991-1994 flowering seasons.
Silene virginica (Caryophyllaceae) is a short-lived perennial found in eastern North America.
We investigated whether pollen limited female reproductive success of Silene virginica in a woodland site for 4 yr (1991-1994) and in an open meadow site for 3 yr (1991-1993).
Analysis of variance for the dependent variable "arcsine square root of percentage fruit set per plant" of the control and experimental treatment groups in Silene virginica during 1991-1993 in the woodland and meadow sites.
During the course of our studies on the anther-smut disease of Silene alba, we discovered an anther-smut infection in populations of the fire-pink, Silene virginica. The occurrence of an anther-smut on S.
Diseased Silene virginica plants can be recognized at flowering by the dark, smutted anthers.
Genetic diversity within and among populations of Ustilago violacea isolated from both Silene virginica and S.
In five cases, fungal isolates from Silene virginica were compared with isolates from the closest diseased S.
Anther-smut disease (Ustilago violacea) of fire pink (Silene virginica): its biology and relationship to the anther-smut disease of white campion.