Silent partnership

the relation of partnership sustained by a person who furnishes capital only.
- Burrill.

See also: Partnership

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An added bonus for Putin, however, is that the Obama administration's total nonchalance means its legacy will be its silent partnership in these war crimes.
More to the point, meeting Turkey's demand would also entail scuttling the administration's silent partnership with Iran in Syria--a move that Tehran, for its part, would not take sitting down and might counter by, for instance, bringing Israel under attack.
In Lesotho, GIZ has entered into a silent partnership with the European Union and is co-financing the EU programme on the promotion of non-state actors with a total of EUR 3.
Furthermore, Mic said it had bought a silent partnership in German medical devices producer AST GmbH.
In 1998, Hessen made a silent partnership contribution of capital of unlimited duration.
This became a silent partnership in time, giving Bunting an income in dividends while the cousin became suitably horrified at his relation's political notoriety in white South Africa.
Culture and Redemption enters into conversation with scholars in American literary and religious history to argue that there are dangerous political implications to the silent partnership between Protestantism, writ as the sum total of religion, and secular progress narratives of American democracy.
Divine - a local investor and developer with an eclectic portfolio - bought a majority interest in the building at Willamette Street and 16th Avenue in 2004, and entered into a silent partnership to back Pourfard's effort to upgrade the popular but aging L&L.
In North and South, Gaskell ultimately proposes the model of a silent partnership for women in business via marriage, a model Phelps explicitly rejects.
This volume includes the text of the play, notes about Marlowe's works, and a summary of evidence that Jack purports shows that Marlowe staged his death in 1593 and went on to work in silent partnership with Shakespeare.
The council, in silent partnership with a local hospital, pays a fee and, in return, gets a couple of pages per issue to use as it pleases.
75% senior unsecured notes due 2014 and obligations related to silent partnership contributions and various capital leases and deferred grants.