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1. A pungent flammable gas, SiH4, that is toxic and irritating, used in the manufacture of semiconductors.
2. Any of a group of silicon hydrides having the general formula SinH2n+2 that are analogous to the alkanes.


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless gas containing silicon


(ˈsɪl eɪn)

1. a gas with an unpleasant odor, SiH4, soluble in water: used as a dopant for semiconductors in the production of solid-state devices.
2. any of a class of silicon hydrides analogous to the alkanes.
[< German Silan (1916); see silicon, -ane]
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Key statement: The present invention relates to a modified crumb rubber particle having carbon to silicon bonds created by the reaction of the unsaturation in the crumb rubber particle and silicon hydride, with or without the use of a catalyst.
Another important preparative method of silicones involves an addition reaction of silicon hydrides to terminally unsaturated organic compounds.
60) Another method of heat vulcanization involves addition reactions of functionalized siloxanes containing silicon hydrides (SiH) and vinyl functional siloxanes (SiCH=C[H.