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Noun1.silicone rubber - made from silicone elastomers; retains flexibility resilience and tensile strength over a wide temperature range
synthetic rubber, rubber - any of various synthetic elastic materials whose properties resemble natural rubber
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Silicon rubber cable
According to a University of Washington statement, researchers made the skin from the same silicon rubber used for swimming goggles.
Key statement: The present invention relates to a no-puncture bullet-proof tire, which can prevent a puncture, a tear or a rupture of a tire by a nail, a reinforcing bar piece, a steel plate piece, a bullet, or other various kinds of fragments, and can enable a vehicle to safely run at a high speed of about 100 kilometers or more per hour under a high temperature environment of about 60[degrees]C or more and a low temperature environment of about -60[degrees]C or less, by filling the inside of the tire with a mixture of silicon rubber and spherical EVA foam without an air pressure.
Also, Portage Precision has a silicon rubber mixing unit in Mogadore, Ohio, which complements and expands Hexpol's existing product portfolio.
Offering weight reductions when compared with standard silicone rubber materials, ICONlite low specific gravity silicone maintains the unique mechanical and chemical properties which make silicon rubber well suited to aerodynamic aircraft seals.
The $83,000 artificial tail was made out of the same silicon rubber used in Formula One race car tires, and reinforced with carbon fiber.
Started more than two years ago, IBM and ABB scientists in Switzerland formed a joint project to simulate the molecular dynamics of the insulators, which are made of silicon rubber, scientifically known as Polymethylhydrosiloxane or PDMS.
Request for registration of suppliers to supply different type chemicals, coating materials & varnishes, also different chemicals including acids, anodes, aluminum surfaces polishers, detergents, vinol powders among others, thermal insulators, glass wool, rock wool & silicon rubber insulators, printed security glass, transparent & dark glass, lead, zinc, polisher for aluminum, phosphate solutions, printing inks to use on stainless steel & bakelite surfaces, also lube oil & greases for engines & vehicles.
The 25 W FLP 09R is fully encapsulated with a thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound with a UL 94V-0 flammability rating, and operates at full specification over a -40[degrees]C to 70[degrees]C cold plate temperature range.
The package includes base grip and tripod mount, helmet and handlebar grips, Velcro and silicon rubber head straps, webcam stand, remote control, AV and USB cables, and a carry bag.
The unit features a fully enclosed heater housing with silicon rubber nozzle shroud and a power-on indicator light for easy monitoring and operator safety.
Dow Corning experts discussed the benefits of silicon rubber in rapid prototyping moldmaking applications at RAPID 2009, North America's largest annual rapid and additive manufacturing conference and exposition.