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Noun1.Sillago - type genus of the Sillaginidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Sillaginidae, Sillaginidae - small family of small food fishes in shallow waters of the Pacific around Indonesia
whiting - a small fish of the genus Sillago; excellent food fish
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Maximum sustainable yield estimates of Ladypees, Sillago sihama (Forsskal), fishery in Pakistan using the ASPIC and CEDA packages.
Skip the crab omelette -- locally famous but overrated -- for spicy seafood specimens like silvery sillago fish (in a fiery soup of beans, peas and leaves) and plump tom yum shrimp (in coconut-milk broth with mushroom chunks).
(1864) [U]ber einige neue Saugethiere (Mormops, Macrotus, Vesperus, Molossus, Capromys), Amphibien (Platydactylus, Otocryptis, Euprepes, Ungalia, Dromicus, Tropidonotus, Xenodon, Hylodes) und Fische (Sillago, Sebastes, Channa, Myctophum, Carassius, Barbus, Capoeta, Poecilia, Saurenchelys, Leptocephalus).
The types of fish he consumed included southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii), spotted sillago (Sillaginodes punctatus), and southern goatfish (Upeneichthys vlamingii).
The lowest percentage of relative abundance among the species were Moolgarda sp., Doryichthys heterosoma, Exyrias puntang, Clarias batrachus, Sillago sihama, Antennarius sp., Apogon nigrofasciatus, and Sicyopterus extraneus.
SEIC, a Filipino-owned and a wholly export-oriented company, is engaged in the processing, manufacturing and export of such processed marine products as octopus and sillago fish exported to the US, Thailand and Mexico.
Hesp, "Relationships between the movements, growth, age structures, and reproductive biology of the teleosts Sillago burrus and S.
The sold business owns a 30% operated interest in Block 07/03, offshore Vietnam, containing the Ca Rong Do (CRD) oil and gas discovery and the Ca Duc (Silver Sillago) exploration prospect, the vendor said.
The diet ofjuvenile Sillago sihama (Forsskal, 1725) from three estuarine systems in KwaZulu Natal.