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(Finnish ˈsillɑmpæː)
(Biography) Frans Eemil (frans ˈeːmil). 1888–1964, Finnish writer, noted for his novels Meek Heritage (1919) and The Maid Silja (1931): Nobel prize for literature 1939


(ˈsɪl lɑnˌpæ)

Frans Eemil, 1888–1964, Finnish author: Nobel prize 1939.
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The next two Sillanpaa albums featured children's music and Jemina and Selina as singers.
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Of these children 10%-20% may also have a diagnosis of intellectual disability or mental retardation (Epilepsy Foundation, 2003; Forsgren, Edvinsson, Blomquist, Heijbel, & Sidenvall, 1990; Sillanpaa, 1992).
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Naisen kutsumus: Miina Sillanpaa ja sukupuolten maailmojen erkaantuminen (Woman's mission: Miina Sillanpaa and the separation of gender worlds).
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His replacement, Henri Sillanpaa, denied Lowndes in the 80th minute.
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Societal attitudes can cause more pain for the adolescents than the seizure itself (Gordon & Sillanpaa, 1997).
Continuous development, quality improvement and motivated employees are the keys of its success ", says Mika Sillanpaa, Executive Vice President, UPM Plywood.
edu, and to Antti Sillanpaa, Helsinki University of Technology, Institute of Strategy and International Business, P.