Silver shell

(Zool.) a marine bivalve of the genus Anomia. See Anomia.

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It is of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or spring-time, or the reflection in dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon.
An aluminum heat shield and silver shell reflects heat to keep both lens and operator cooler The synergy between the shell and headgear provides 14 percent better balance, reducing torque on the operator's neck by 17 percent, and alleviating operator fatigue and excessive neck strain.
The metallic silver gradually deposits on each gold nanorod, forming a silver shell layer," says Chao Zhang, the lead author of the study.
Awards: Gold Shell for Best Film, Silver Shell for Best Director -- San Sebastian IFF 2014 Presented in the Discovery Selection -- Toronto IFF 2014 Best Leading Actress -- Goya Awards 2015
To enhance family dining experience at the Silver Shell Cafe, one child aged five and below dines free with an accompanying adult during buffets, while 50 per cent of the full buffet price applies for each child aged 11 and below.
According to the researchers, the metallic silver gradually deposits on each gold nanorod, forming a silver shell layer, which changes the particle's chemical composition and shape.
The group experimented with different shapes and compositions of nanoparticles, and found that cubes with a gold center surrounded by a silver shell are not only able to show a chiral optical signal in the near-visible range, but even more striking, were effective signal amplifiers.
Bilal, the exhibitor from Silver Shell Leather, said that Pakistan's leather items have appeared on the list of worldwide demand lately, due to its genuine quality, price and improved designs: "I have a factory to produce leather goods in Pakistan and an office in Dubai for re-exporting the goods.
m] are the permittivies of the DH, silver shell, and medium, respectively, and f is the fraction of the volume of the DH in the composite structure.
Spanish actress Macarena Garcia won the Silver Shell for best actress for her performance in the film, which has also been selected as Spain s candidate for best foreign-language picture at the Oscars.
Dine On 3 is a new destination-dining concept that includes the Bubble bar and three restaurants -- Casserole, Silver Shell Caf and 8 Noodles.
After placing your phone in a slot and then covering it with a silver shell, a UV light will kill off the germs and bacteria your phone is carrying.