Simeon Stylites

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Simeon Sty·li·tes

 (stī-lī′tēz), Saint ad 390?-459.
Syrian Christian ascetic. The first of the "pillar-dwelling" ascetics, he spent 36 years atop a column.

Simeon Stylites

(Biography) Saint. ?390–459 ad, Syrian monk, first of the ascetics who lived on pillars. Feast day: Jan 5 or Sept 1

Sim′eon Sty•li′tes

(staɪˈlaɪ tiz)
Saint, A.D. 390?–459, Syrian monk and stylite.
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More than once some individual has appeared to me with such negligence of labor and such commanding contemplation, a haughty beneficiary begging in the name of God, as made good to the nineteenth century Simeon the Stylite, the Thebais, and the first Capuchins.
While this choice was sometimes carried to extremes, as in the case of Simeon the Stylite who famously lived atop a pillar for 37 years, other figures like Basil of Caesarea took a more common-sense approach.
Depending on how you classify them, there are five or more separate mountain ranges, called jebel in Arabic: the Jebel el-A'la, Jebel Baricha, Jebel Riha, Jebel Zawie, and the Jebel Sema'n, the most famous of them on account of the pilgrimage site of Saint Simeon the Stylite, who died there in 459.