Similar figures

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(Geom.) figures which differ from each other only in magnitude, being made up of the same number of like parts similarly situated.

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And when he lifted his eyes from it to the horizon and looked around, he saw in his small fancy similar figures, stopped by no obstacle, tending to centres all over France.
At the same instant a slight movement at one side attracted his attention to where another similar figure crouched in the underbrush, and then a third, fourth and fifth became evident about him.
Helena, however, I ascertained that some pinnacles, of a nearly similar figure and constitution, had been formed by the injection of melted rock into yielding strata, which thus had formed the moulds for these gigantic obelisks.
Satisfaction ratings showed similar figures with 50.
Summary: Almost half of the UAE's workplace activities are susceptible to automation, with similar figures for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, an …
Iranian authorities offered similar figures for the earthquakes on state television.
October saw the strongest growth in average selling prices in more than 26 years, with similar figures expected next month, according to the CBI Quarterly Distributive Trades Survey of 128 firms.
The study was conducted by Australian telecom network Telstra, which said that similar figures in the US and China were 78 percent and 75 percent respectively.
If the trend continues and the last two preselling dates yield more or less similar figures of 8,000 tickets sold as the first date, then Coldplay's Manila concert would be virtually sold out by Nov.
The group said the estimate disproves a claim that similar figures, quoted in 2014, for housing capacity on brownfield land were "wildly overoptimistic".
Furthermore, the Minister of Tourism said the current tourist season is characterized by positive indicators, adding that Tunisia will achieve similar figures to those recorded in 2010, if the security situation remains stable.
STR's April 2016 pipeline report revealed similar figures, with 20,291 rooms in 65 hotels under construction in Dubai.