Rhyming cadences of similarly words.
- South.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is a side-scrolling, 16-bit style game in the fashion of the popular "Starbound" and with elements similary found in "Pokemon" games. The players are tasked to collect, hatch, and grow their monsters through battle and progression through each level.
"The way only Prime Minister Narendra Modi and two-four other people knew about demonetisation, similary this time too only a few people know what will happen in Kashmir," Shiv Sena stated.
Similary [i.sub.A](x - y) [greater than or equal to] [i.sub.A](x).
Similary the meeting will discuss Islamabad Declaration adopted at the international symposium under the auspices of the law and justice commission of supreme court of Pakistan.
Similary, teachers claimed that extensive reading is highly used in classrooms but observation showed that this practice is not used at all in any of the classes.
Similary, a study carried out on 82.046 patients in 6 intensive care units in Canada which examined the HAI costs after infection prevention and control programs, 4.739 cases of HAI were avoided and a total of 9.1 million Canadian dollars was saved (8).
Similary, [[delta]] is the denoted from system core to bus.
Similary a win for Nakumatt, Rangers and Nzoia Sugar will see Vihiga go for the playoff.
Similary, because of a small number of comparision persons with the stable housing pattern (n = 9 of 626), we collapsed this pattern with the pattern of noninstitutional stay.
Similary, an experimental study conducted by Wiens and Walker (2015) concluded that strengthening the belief in a brain disease model of addiction not only does not diminish the feelings of stigma and shame in people with a mild-moderate dependence on alcohol, but even negatively affects several of their perceptions of agency regarding drinking behavior (e.g., locus of control, coping style, and levels of self-efficacy for controlled drinking).
Similary, Sultan Mehmood Hanjra from Muzaffargarh also returned his PML-N ticket for NA-181 and announced his independent candidacy