Rhyming cadences of similarly words.
- South.
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Similary, stationary passenger buses and minibuses used for transporting students should not be overtaken in residential areas.
The peoples and languages were similary named - Galicians, Gaulish, etc.
Similary, six candidates are in run for two technocrat and Ulema seats.
Zaldarriaga similary indicated that there had been fewer outage incidents in power plants, hence, that will not be exerting pressure on the 'capacity fees' that are part of the rate components passed on to the consumers.
Similary, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Qatar Ports Management Company (Mawani Qatar) and Port of Conakry was signed.
Similary, eight out of 10 motorists cut in front or behind motorcycle riders; 68 per cent of motorists are inconsiderate and don't seem to see motorcycle riders properly on the roads; while 56 per cent of motorcycle riders drive recklessly and dangerously.
0 enables the users to have unhindered and unlimited access to the library; similary, Akpoghome and Idiegbeyan-ose (2010) pointed out that 21st century library should embrace digital catalogue, it enables users to enjoy easy and convenient access to a wide gamut of online library services and resources.
It is a follow-up to a similary wide-ranging collection edited by Prinzi, the webmaster of "The Hog's Head.
Similary, Santillan (2008) reported that the herbivorous diet would predominate during spring and summer, while the carnivorous diet would increase during autumn and winter.
Similary, a favorable teacher-parents partnership makes the job of a teacher more effective.
Future introductions will include PTS-developed Duramid aromatic nylons, said to offer similary distinct improvements over Creamid, as well as various blends, specialized formulations with crosslinking properties, and materials for electroplating, TPE overmolding, and PEEK replacement.
Similary, rejecting H8 indicates that the 'Perceived Playfulness' did not affect the 'Intention to Use' implying that users does not regard mobile P2P lending app as a medium of fun, playfulness, and enjoyment.