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Cody Knodle and Ty Knodle competed in the 2019 American Junior Simmental Association (AJSA) National Classic in Louisville, KY July 22-28.
Prime bullocks (3) ave 188.1p (-11.2p) and sold to 195.0p per kg for a 615kg Simmental cross selling to Messrs John M Munro Ltd, Dingwall; and PS1,269.60 for a 690kg Simmental cross, both from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall.
UNITED AUCTIONS STIRLING, ON MONDAY, MAY 6 Scottish Simmental Club annual show and sale of 312 Breeding Cattle sponsored by Carrs Billington.
'When I started farming, I specialised in breeding charolais but I have added simmental and intend to focus on pure simmental in future,' he said.
The exotic breeds included in the crossbreeding program were Simmental, Angus, Hereford and Charolais.
A total of 229 head of cattle including Simmental Purebred (n = 19), Simmental Crossbred (n = 27), Ongole Grade (n = 27), Bali (n = 20), Pesisir (n = 13), Holstein Friesian (n = 20), Sumba Ongole (n = 38), Madura (n = 20), Banteng (n = 20), and Pasundan cattle (n = 25) were used for blood sampling.
Lim hfrs 1438 Eslington, 1383, 1320 Widdrington, 1344 Nesbit, Angus hfrs 1397 Howick Scar, 1316 Tritlington, Simmental hfrs 1330 Ferneybeds.
This study was aimed at determining the adaptation levels of pregnant Brown Swiss and Simmental cows, imported from Austria to a dairy cattle enterprise in Manisa, according to their first year performances.
Hefyd ar y rhaglen byddwn yn ymweld a theulu'r Raymond o Ddyffryn Tywi wrth iddyn nhw werthu'r olaf o'u gwartheg Simmental yn Mart Llanymddyfri.
Se le realizo evaluacion andrologica a 191 reproductores manejados en pastoreo extensivo, con edades comprendidas entre 24 y 156 meses, de las razas Brahman Blanco (n = 64), Brahman Rojo (n = 78), Simmental (n = 15), Romosinuano (n = 12) y cruce Simmental x Cebu (n = 22).