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also Sim·men·thal  (zĭm′ən-täl′)
Any of a breed of large cattle developed in Switzerland, having a reddish body and a white face and raised in the United States primarily for meat.

[After Simmental, a valley of the Simme River in southwest-central Switzerland.]


or Sim•men•thal

(ˈzɪm ənˌtɑl)

also Sim•men•tha•ler

(-ˌtɑ lər)

one of a large breed of cattle, yellowish brown to red and white, orig. of Switzerland, used for milk and beef.
[1905–10; after Simmental, the valley of the river Simme, Bern canton, Switzerland]
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In the past year, the increase in Simmental breeds in the JSC "Imeni Gastello" amounted to almost 3%.
Messrs Walker also saw one of their Simmental bred steers at the same age reach PS1400 whilst the dearest heifer on the day; A big upstanding Angus by a registered bull from Selby & Alan Robson, Yatesfield also hit the same figure.
This study aimed to determine reproductive traits, such as gestation length (GL), service period (SP), calving interval (CI), number of insemination per pregnancy (NIPC), and first calving age (FCA) and to reveal the non-genetic parameters affecting these traits in Simmental cows raised at a private farm in Corum Province under subtropical climate conditions according to Trewartha climate grading and Csb based on the Koppen-Geiger system.
Grand Champion Breeding Simmental went to Taylor Hale, and Reserve Champion Breeding Simmental went to Trevor Hale.
This study was aimed at determining the adaptation levels of pregnant Brown Swiss and Simmental cows, imported from Austria to a dairy cattle enterprise in Manisa, according to their first year performances.
He has been with Kansas State University, the American Simmental Assn and the NatT Cattlemen's Beef Assn.
The Simmental Cross cattle in West Sumatra mostly originate from the crossing program between the Ongole Grade (in Indonesia known as Peranakan Ongole [PO]) and the Simmental Purebred sires.
An added attraction was the Welsh Simmental Calf Show where supreme was given to the male champion, the March-born Hirwaun Gruffalo, bred by Aled Davies of Ponthirwaun, Cardigan.
Fue el Gran Campeon de la raza Simmental, el toro michoacano "EE Holbalis", de la ganaderia Sergios, del municipio de Tangancicuaro, el que acaparo las fotografias de millares de telefonos celulares
What sets Lenk apart is explained by Marianne Tschanz of Lenk Simmental Tourism: "Around six years ago, we came up with the idea of involving both locals and tourists more actively in the festivities.
Her pal is a one-and-a-half ton Simmental Bull who has perhaps had one too many ice creams.
Simmental cattle in Azerbaijan as dairy and meat (bothproposeed breed) cattle breed is reared.