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also Sim·men·thal  (zĭm′ən-täl′)
Any of a breed of large cattle developed in Switzerland, having a reddish body and a white face and raised in the United States primarily for meat.

[After Simmental, a valley of the Simme River in southwest-central Switzerland.]


or Sim•men•thal

(ˈzɪm ənˌtɑl)

also Sim•men•tha•ler

(-ˌtɑ lər)

one of a large breed of cattle, yellowish brown to red and white, orig. of Switzerland, used for milk and beef.
[1905–10; after Simmental, the valley of the river Simme, Bern canton, Switzerland]
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549) The ECJ held in Simmenthal that fees for the inspections of live animals alone violates Article 34.
However, "the Simmenthal line" seems to require "the fullest effect:" see Case 106/77 Simmenthal [1978] ECR 00629 and, for example, Case C-409/06 Winner Wetten.
159) This, it has been observed, "appears to bury forever the idea formulated in Simmenthal (but not repeated ever since, which must mean something) that obligations pursuant to the Treaty are 'undertaken unconditionally and irrevocably.
Por cierto que la jurisprudencia de los tribunales internos de los Estados Partes, en expresa sintonia con varios de los citados parrafos del precedente Francovich--y su remision al asunto Simmenthal -, parece decididamente encaminada ha reconocer que el juez nacional, a partir del Tratado de Asuncion, es tambien "juez de la integracion", cabiendole como tal la defensa y salvaguarda de los derechos que elordenamiento regional confiere a los particulares.
When one bears in mind the original provision of national constitutions, how could one explain (a posteriori) or foresee (a priori) events like the acceptance of the Simmenthal mandate by national Constitutional Courts?
Despite the clear obligations imposed by EU law on any national office not to act contrary to European rules and objectives (EU Treaty: Article 4; ECJ: Simmenthal, 1977), from an internal perspective, official law-makers still enjoy a free rein to engage in such transgressions, as long as no clear national rules and principles stand in their way.
88) See Case 70/77, Simmenthal SpA v Amministrazione delle finanze (Simmenthal I), 1978 E.
25) lo que fue reiterado y precisado quince anos despues en la sentencia Simmenthal de 1978, en la que se sostuvo que la aplicabilidad directa
The Simmenthal case (1978), said Mr Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer, should have led the national judge to consider that this suspension was "inapplicable".
conduce sempre piu spesso alla ribalta una mamma seducente che cucina alla svelta con carne Simmenthal, un babbo stile senior executive che si rilassa sorseggiando Campari soda, un bebe che scorrazza felice per la casa" (257).
23) The arrogation of judicial sovereignty was uncompromising, and has been reinforced on countless occasions, perhaps most famously in Simmenthal in 1978, where the Court of Justice reaffirmed that "[e]very national court must, in a case within its jurisdiction, apply Community law in its entirety and protect rights which the latter confers on individuals and must accordingly set aside any provision of national law which may conflict with it, whether prior or subsequent to the Community rule.
The tasting, at La Chaumiere restaurant in London involved eight breeds of beef: The Chalosse (French), Salers (French), Limousin (French), Charolais (French), Simmenthal (Dutch), Aber-deen Angus (Scottish), Welsh Black (Welsh) and an Irish breed.