Simon Legree

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Simon Le·gree

A brutal taskmaster.

[After Simon Legree, a cruel slave dealer in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.]

Si′mon Le•gree′

1. a brutal slave dealer in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, by H. B. Stowe.
2. any harsh, merciless taskmaster.
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Noun1.Simon Legree - a cruel employer who demands excessive work from the employeesSimon Legree - a cruel employer who demands excessive work from the employees
employer - a person or firm that employs workers
2.Simon Legree - the cruel slave dealer in an anti-slavery novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe
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Simon Legree, Tom's master, had purchased slaves at one place and another, in New Orleans, to the number of eight, and driven them, handcuffed, in couples of two and two, down to the good steamer Pirate, which lay at the levee, ready for a trip up the Red river.
The days of an employer being Simon Legree are gone," he said, referring to the cruel slave owner in "Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Hidden Hill had such a notorious history that it is still rumored to have been the prototype for the setting of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, and its original owner, Robert McAlpin, the very model of Simon Legree.
Tom ends up on the plantation of the notorious Simon Legree, where, despite being repeatedly beaten and humiliated, he holds fast to his Christian beliefs and offers comfort to the other slaves.
Rumour held that Calhoun was a model for Simon Legree, the slaveholder in "Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Robert Bruhaker was a strong vocal presence as Mao and Richard Paul Fink, as Kissinger, brought some real terpsichorean flair to his Simon Legree role in the "Red Detachment of Women" ballet.
For example, in volume 2, chapter 35 ("The Tokens"), Simon Legree reacts hysterically when Sambo presents him with "a witch thing"--"something that niggers gets from witches.
Much of the novel and play deal with the effects of slavery on both the blacks and whites, but the main plot concerns Tom's being sold to the stern and cruel master, Simon Legree, and Little Eva's love for him.
As Dennis wound down, he thrust his right arm forward in a "get out" gesture, much in the manner of Simon Legree casting Little Nell out into a snowstorm.
The movie leaves viewers with the impression that slaveowners were devoted to their slaves, and while not all slaveowners were like Simon Legree, there is a whiff of the fanciful in Scarlett's devotion.
When Simon Legree rounds up his posse to pursue Cassy and Emmeline later in the book, that posse consists of "overseers of plantations" and "some of Legree's associates at the tavern-bar of a neighboring city" (418).
The poor look up at the working stiff of a foreman and see the hated Simon Legree.