Simon Marks

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Noun1.Simon Marks - English businessman who created a retail chain (1888-1964)
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Waheed Nazir, Corporate Director, Economy, nson, Deputy Managing Director, City of Wolverhampton Council; Rob Paradise Birmingham); Eric Linden, European Director, Rockspring Eye on the future The commercial office revolution in Birmingham and the West Midlands HOST: SIMON MARKS, Chair, GBBirmingham City Council; Tim JohnGroves, Regional Director, Argent (PProperty Investment 15.
Simon Marks was near Maelbeek station when the explosion occurred.
Imperial has received GBP3m in funding from the Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery programme to build upon the research of professor Michael Schneider, the British Heart Foundation Simon Marks chair in Regenerative Cardiology.
Graffiti reading "f*** the Jews" was found Tuesday morning scrawled in black marker pen at Simon Marks primary school, according to the Evening Standard.
Simon Marks, in his first Welsh Castles Relay race, completed the 7.
Newsweek's cover story (5/21/14), "Somaly Mam: The Holy Saint (and Sinner) of Sex Trafficking" by Simon Marks, details why.
1894: Simon Marks and Tom Spencer opened their Penny Bazaar in Manchester.
49er action from EoACAyTeam EC' Benji Borg and Seb Ripard from Malta and Britain's Simon Marks and Nick Murray; plus Extreme 40 head-to-heads against champion windsurfer, Guy Cribb and, for the first time in the circuit's five year history, a day of racing was cancelled entirely due to excessive wind and sea conditions on day four.
in 2002, Saberi caught the attention of Simon Marks, president of Feature Story News, an agency that distributes broadcast news packages to radio and television stations globally.
1884: Simon Marks and Tom Spencer (Marks & Spencer) opened their first store in Leeds.