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 (sī′mən), (Marvin) Neil Born 1927.
American playwright whose lighthearted comedies of middle-class life include The Odd Couple (1965) and Lost in Yonkers (1991), for which he won a Pulitzer Prize.
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2012) 1949 Richard Gere, US actor, above 1972 Chris Tucker, American actor 1976 Roque Junior, Brazilian footballer 1977 Jeff Hardy, US wrestler 1979 Simon Neil, Scottish musician
Simon Neil (pictured), James Johnston and Ben Johntson all performed a rare acoustic gig at Birmingham Symphony Hall in September 2018 in support of their MTV Unplugged album.
It's the soundtrack to a film singer Simon Neil has been working on and features some choice Biffy cuts.
Not only did the trio - Simon Neil and brothers James and Ben Johnston - use the hashtag themselves, they also shared a clip of the show complete with a 'Biffy Counter' too.
The band - Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston - confirmed they and Nick hung out at a hotel in Soho, West London, and "there might have been a guitar" but it wasn't a jam session.
It felt so alien and yet so right, even if frontman Simon Neil admitted towards the start of this St David's Hall show in Cardiff: "This is still f***ing weird" as he sat, suited in a rocking chair backed by green foilage, acoustic guitar in hand.
Simon Neil Scott: "As someone who works in the Quorum business park, we are desperate for something new.
Some of the lyrics are far too choice for the X Factor - lyricist Simon Neil is not joking when, on People, he sings "I have the cruellest mouth, and a sick little tongue" - but that's perhaps the point and it's easy to imagine it soundtracking next year's round of summer festivals.
Luckily for Biffy Clyro the ace up their sleeve will always be lead singer Simon Neil. His throaty Scottish notes raise otherwise average songs to a higher plain, so they beg for a second listen.
Simon Neil, front man of Biffy Clyro, live at Headrow House Better known for arena tours, the Kilmarnock band stripped the notorious power chords for a one night only acoustic set, ahead of the release of their seventh studio album 'Ellipsis' in July.