Bar Kochba

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Bar Kochba

(bɑː ˈkɒxbə; ˈkɒs-) ,

Bar Kokhba


Bar Kosba

(Biography) Simeon. died 135 ad, Jewish leader who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Romans in Palestine
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But Jewish history tells us that Romans did not expel the original Jews from Palestine when they crushed the Simon bar Kokhba revolt in 136 AD, instead barring them only from city of Jerusalem - and even then they were allowed to visit it during Tisha B'Bv, the annual fast day on the ninth day of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar.
However, it is the slyness of names, the shrewdness of metaphors that allows Sharon to be the heir of Samson; Binyamin Ben-Eliezer to be the heir of Elazar ben Yair; and the "never failed to fail" president of Israel Shimon Peres to be the heir of Simon Bar Kokhba "the Simon of lies" not "the son of the star.
of Chicago, 1995), the Zionist movement rehabilitated Simon Bar Kosiba, failed messiah, and converted him into Simon Bar Kokhba, rebel hero.