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 (sī′mən), Herbert Alexander 1916-2001.
American economist. He won a 1978 Nobel Prize for his research into the decision-making process within economic organizations.


1. (Bible) the original name of (Saint) Peter1
2. (Bible) New Testament
b. Also: Simon the Tanner a relative of Jesus, who may have been identical with Simon Zelotes (Matthew 13:55)
c. Also: Simon the Tanner a Christian of Joppa with whom Peter stayed (Acts of the Apostles 9:43)
3. (Biography) John (Allsebrook), 1st Viscount Simon. 1873–1954, British statesman and lawyer. He was Liberal home secretary (1915–16) and, as a leader of the National Liberals, foreign secretary (1931–35), home secretary (1935–37), Chancellor of the Exchequer (1937–40), Lord Chancellor (1940–45)
4. (Biography) (Marvin) Neil. born 1927, US dramatist and librettist, whose plays include Barefoot in the Park (1963), California Suite (1976), Biloxi Blues (1985), Lost in Yonkers (1990), and London Suite (1995): many have been made into films
5. (Biography) Paul. born 1941, US pop singer and songwriter. His albums include: with Art Garfunkel (born 1941), The Sounds of Silence (1966), and Bridge over Troubled Water (1970); and, solo, Graceland (1986), The Rhythm of the Saints (1990), and You're The One (2000)


(ˈsaɪ mən; Fr. siˈmɔ̃ for 7 )

1. the original name of the apostle Peter. Compare Peter 1 (def. 1).
2. ( “Simon the Canaanite” or “Simon the Zealot” ) one of the 12 apostles. Matt. 10:4; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:15.
3. a relative, perhaps a brother, of Jesus: sometimes identified with Simon the Canaanite. Matt. 13:55; Mark 6:3.
4. ( “Simon Magus” ) a Samaritan sorcerer who was converted by the apostle Philip. Acts 8:9–24.
5. ( “Simon Magus” ) fl. 2nd century A.D. ?, founder of a Gnostic sect and reputed prototype of the Faust legend: often identified with the Biblical Simon Magus.
6. Claude, born 1913, French novelist: Nobel prize 1985.
7. Herbert Alexander, born 1916, U.S. social scientist and economist: Nobel prize 1978.
8. Neil, born 1927, U.S. playwright.
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Noun1.Simon - one of the twelve Apostles (first century)Simon - one of the twelve Apostles (first century)
2.Simon - United States singer and songwriter (born in 1942)
3.Simon - United States playwright noted for light comedies (born in 1927)
4.Simon - United States economist and psychologist who pioneered in the development of cognitive science (1916-2001)


[ˈsaɪmən] NSimón
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First an angel of God appeared to the Centurion in Caesarea, who sends for Simon Peter lodging with Simon the tanner in Joppa.
On this pivotal Sunday we note that Peter stays in Joppa with Simon the Tanner, an unclean outcast.
Maybe it was the odors and blood from animals that made this Simon the Tanner unclean and occasioned this dream of Simon Peter, his houseguest.