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n.1.One of the followers of Simon Magus; also, an adherent of certain heretical sects in the early Christian church.
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He would do a great deal for noodles, being sorry for them, and feeling quite sure that they could have no power over him: he had thought of joining the Saint Simonians when he was in Paris, in order to turn them against some of their own doctrines.
Burns' opponent, Tom Simonian, had asked before the election was over for the courts to overturn the commission's decision.
The Bank presented this year's Citizen of the Year award to Richard Simonian.
com is not only does the management team have a strong commercial real estate background, but they have taken that institutional knowledge and translated it into a comprehensive and automated capital markets platform," said Hrach Simonian, general partner at Canaan Partners.
In a similar meeting in Moscow in December, Chitchian and Simonian underlined the need for boosting bilateral energy relations in the near future.
Wah is to remain co-head of the group, alongside New York-based Mark Simonian.
However, the playmaker's agent Marcello Simonian has ruled out the recent speculation surrounding his client's future and insisted that Pastore will continue at Parc des Princes.
But back in his homeland, Argentina, there are rumblings of discontent from former agent Marcelo Simonian who is said to be threatening to sue Yacob, according to a report by CNN.
Federal EPA emergency response crews are conducting a soil remediation in Berlin, Connecticut, according to Public Works Director Arthur Simonian.
Simonian Education Foundation has opened the second Tumo center for creative technologies in Dilijan.
Mme Simonian a precise s'etre rendue recemment a l'ambassade d'Equateur a Londres pour s'entretenir avec Julian Assange qu'elle a trouve "bon pied bon oeil, jovial, bien dans sa peau".
Grown in the Mendota area in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley, Simonian pomegranates come in a variety of pack styles and bins to fit diverse store needs.