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(Biography) ?556–?468 bc, Greek lyric poet and epigrammatist, noted for his odes to victory
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(saɪˈmɒn ɪˌdiz)

556?–468? B.C., Greek poet. Also called Simon′ides of Ce′os (ˈsi ɒs)
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Like Cephalus, he is limited in his point of view, and represents the proverbial stage of morality which has rules of life rather than principles; and he quotes Simonides as his father had quoted Pindar.
(1) Barnabe Riche, The Second Tome of the Travailes and Adventures of Don Simonides (London, 1584), I3r.
"Here's an Asian merchant's grave...." This stanza contains a hidden quote from an epigram of Simonides of Keos (556-468 BC): "I, Brotachos, a Gortynian of Crete, where I came not for this end [to die in battle], but to trade." (4) which Brodsky had quoted two years earlier in the poem "In front of the monument to Pushkin in Odessa." We present it in the translation of L.
(2) Esta afirmacion recuerda a la maxima horaciana Ut pictura poesis, (3) idea tambien expresada en el aforismo atribuido por Plutarco a simonides de Ceos donde la pintura es "poesia silenciosa" y la poesia "pintura parlante" (Plutarco 296).
Simonides reflected that on more than one occasion he himself had eulogized some tyrant or other such person, not willingly but because he had to.
They cover from the refutation of drama to the drama of refutation; the castrato as a rhetorical figure; family, city or state, and theater: Carlo Gozzi and the rhetoric of conservatism; rhetoric and early modern Latin drama: the two tragedies by the "Polish Pindar" Simon Simonides (1558-1629): Castus Joseph and Pentesilea; verse games: meter and interactional German in the Baroque plays of Andreas Gryphius; and rhetoric and the culture net: transnational agencies of culture.
Assim quando conversam sobre Geron ou sobre o espartano Pausanias, gostam de lembrar a amizade deles com Simonides e de tudo o que Simonides disse e fez para eles.
Myosin ATPase activity was determined as previously described by Simonides and van Hardeveld (12).
Overlay this with a "$16 trillion in wealth transfer that will occur over the next 20 years," says Phil Simonides, group vice president at McAdam LLC, a financial advisory firm in Philadelphia.