Simonides of Ceos

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Si·mon·i·des of Ce·os

 (sī-mŏn′ĭ-dēz; sē′ŏs) 556?-468? bc.
Greek lyric poet who is known especially for his elegies in honor of the slain warriors at Marathon and Thermopylae.
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I here refer to an anecdote contained in Cicero's De oratore that indicates the poet Simonides of Ceos as being the inventor of such art (Yates 1999: 3).
It refers to the following epitaph composed by the Greek lyric poet Simonides of Ceos (c.
13 BC), the first proclamation of the inter-relatedness of painting and poetry is attributed to Greek poet Simonides of Ceos (c.556-468 BC) who stated "poema picture loquens, picture poems silens" (poetry is a speaking picture, painting a silent poet) (Heffernan, 1993).
Arguably, Mary Renault remains the undisputed queen of the genre, her reputation resting securely on such loving re-creations of Ancient Greece as her trilogy on the life of Alexander the Great or her account of the life of the poet Simonides of Ceos, Th e Praise Singer.
At the end of his account of the battle, Diodorus (11.11.6) quotes nine lines from an otherwise unknown lyric poem by Simonides of Ceos; and the way in which he introduces these lines indicates that he is only quoting part of the whole.(24) That whole was surely a long choral song: