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A winged creature of Iranian mythology in the form of a gigantic bird, sometimes with a dog's face and a lion's claws, depicted as a benevolent being using its wisdom and magical powers to provide help.

[Persian sīmorġ, from Middle Persian sēn murw, from Avestan saēna- mərəγa- : saēna-, a kind of raptor (probably an eagle or falcon); akin to Sanskrit śyenaḥ, eagle, falcon + mərəga-, bird; akin to Sanskrit mṛga-, deer (from Proto-Indo-Iranian *mr̥ga-, animal).]
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He said France, Germany, Britain and the US sent a letter saying the Simorgh Space Launch Vehicle that Iran launched on July 27, if configured as a ballistic missile, is "inherently capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
The actress is known for her work on Fireworks Wednesday (2006), Gold and Copper (2011), and Inversion (2016), which are her most renowned works to date, and was awarded the Crystal Simorgh at Fajr Film Festival in 2015 for her performance in the family crime-drama, Ice Age.
Caption: LIFTOFF--This was the test firing of a new Simorgh rocket a few weeks ago.
The drone, Saeqeh (Thunderbolt) is Iran's latest pilotless plane from Simorgh (Phoenix) class and enjoys the capability to simultaneously strike at four targets with smart bombs that have pinpoint precision-striking capability in far distances," Hajizadeh said, addressing the ceremony in Tehran.
The US Treasury Department also imposed sanctions on six Iran-based satellite companies on Friday after Iran launched Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier rocket into space on Thursday.
The economic penalties are "in response to Iran's continued provocative actions, such as yesterday's launch of the Simorgh space launch vehicle", the Treasury Department said.
WASHINGTON, July 28 (KUNA) -- In the aftermath of Iran's launch of a Simorgh space vehicle, the US, UK, France and Germany said the country has "again demonstrated activity inconsistent" with UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and condemned the action.
Tehran launched its first domestically produced satellite in 2009 and is in the process of developing a next generation satellite launch vehicle, Simorgh, designed to carry heavier payloads, according to press reporting.
Rich in characters Talkhoon, who struggles to control the winds she hears inside her head and who tells the story; Assad, a man made evil by his love for her; Anvar Angha, Talkhoon's grandfather who has devoted his life to writing a book about the Simorgh (the mythical bird of knowledge; the Persian Phoenix) but never completes it; Soraya, Talkhoon's mother, whom we never meet but about whom myriad and contradictory stories abound-and rich in family secrets, this novel chronicles the early days of the revolution, the ruthlessness and opportunism of the competing factions, the rise of the Revolutionary Guard, the chaos and murder in the streets of Tehran, the arrests and executions, as experienced by the members of this family.
And so emerged the all-women Nangarhar Theatre in Jalalabad; White Star Theatre in Kabul; and collaboration with the Simorgh Theatre in Herat, an existing company of men and women led by writer and director Monireh Hashemi.
Anghay bi neshani va simorgh kohe ghaaf Tafsire ramzo raz asatir to mahal (new;49).