Simple equation

(Alg.) an equation containing but one unknown quantity, and that quantity only in the first degree.
- J. W. Smith.

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In a tweet, Jain, who is also the Chinese phone manufacturer's Global Vice President, wrote today, "Crack this simple equation and tell me in comments.
"I would reduce it to a very simple equation. For the human rights and for the bleeding hearts, I have a nation to protect and to preserve and I have millions to provide security (to).
"It's a pretty simple equation - I have to win to get back to number one and that means I can just focus on playing good golf this week.
"It's a simple equation which I think helps rather than if I could finish third."
It's a simple equation, I have to win to get back to No.1 and that means I can just focus on playing good golf.
At this time, we are appealing to PDP and APC that we have 11 wards and rural has just two and half and urban has eight and half, so by that simple equation, we are supposed to be dominating political space of Sapele, but that is not the case.'
The simple equation as we stand is that if Cardiff beat Hull and Clement's Royals, they will be in the top flight next term.
He linked Joe's two storylines throughout with nothing more than his ghostly presence, a turn of a door, and constant reminders that it's a Simple Equation to make the right decision.
Hence, the modified simple equation method does not produce the soliton solution in general case:
This simple equation is hard for some companies to understand.

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