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(ˈsɪm plɒn)

1. a mountain pass in S Switzerland, in the Lepontine Alps. 6592 ft. (2010 m) high.
2. a tunnel between Switzerland and Italy, near this pass. 12 mi. (20 km) long.
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At last they crossed the Simplon and made their way to Venice.
The gorges of the Simplon, its enormous depths and thundering waterfalls, the wonderful road, the points of danger where a loose wheel or a faltering horse would have been destruction, the descent into Italy, the opening of that beautiful land as the rugged mountain-chasm widened and let them out from a gloomy and dark imprisonment--all a dream--only the old mean Marshalsea a reality.
Which two countries are connected by the Simplon Tunnel?
1906: The 20km Simplon rail tunnel, between Switzerland and Italy, was officially opened.
The first two units, which will be located on the south side of the Simplon Tunnel, will be commissioned at the end of 2015.
The refurbished luxury Venice Simplon Orient Express is ready to take to the rails around Europe this coming season, with iconic journeys spanning London, Venice and Budapest along its route.
3: VENICE SIMPLON ORIENT-EXPRESS WHERE: London to Venice BEST FOR: Old-world elegance Fancy sophistication and style?
3-mile Simplon rail tunnel through the Alps between Italy and Switzerland were connected.
3) From these and other sources, biographers and critics have substantially reconstructed the Alpine portion of the tour, motivated by the powerful yet enigmatic account of the crossing of the Simplon Pass.
DEAN GALLAGHER got off to the perfect start at Auteuil yesterday when he won the E21,120 Prix du Simplon Steeplechase on Moulin Riche on his first day back in the saddle in France since ending a ban for testing positive for cocaine, writes Desmond Stoneham.
This is mainly due to the advantageous position and the resorts near the Simplon.
The most famous element of Swiss defense were the sabotage plans: At the moment of German invasion, the Simplon and St.