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 (sĭmp′sən), George Gaylord 1902-1984.
American paleontologist whose synthesis of population genetics with paleontology in his work on fossil mammals contributed to the development of modern evolutionary biology.


, Sir James Young 1811-1870.
British physician who pioneered the use of ether and chloroform in obstetrics (1847).


(ˈsɪmpsən; ˈsɪmsən)
1. (Biography) Sir James Young. 1811–70, Scottish obstetrician, who pioneered the use of chloroform as an anaesthetic
2. (Biography) Wallis (Warfield). See Edward VIII


(ˈsɪmp sən)

Wallis Warfield, Windsor, Duchess of.
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Noun1.Simpson - United States divorcee whose marriage to Edward VIII created a constitutional crisis leading to his abdication
2.Simpson - Scottish obstetrician and surgeon who pioneered in the use of ether and discovered the anesthetic effects of chloroform (1811-1870)Simpson - Scottish obstetrician and surgeon who pioneered in the use of ether and discovered the anesthetic effects of chloroform (1811-1870)
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When, however, another morning had come, and I found that beyond the arrest of young Fitzroy Simpson nothing had been done, I felt that it was time for me to take action.
His bridle is missing, so that Simpson must have put this on.
I am in the Sixth Reader but just because I cannot say the seven multiplication Table Miss Dearborn threttens to put me in the baby primer class with Elijah and Elisha Simpson little twins.
I sew on brown gingham dresses every afternoon when Emma Jane and the Simpsons are playing house or running on the Logs when their mothers do not know it.
Simpson (for it was the leg), after a very discontented sort of a pause.
I heard Simpson say, my lady, that Sir Patrick was at the stables.
The captain looked at Simpson, who sheepishly admitted the truth of the allegation, then he stepped over to the ape as though to discover for himself the sort of temper the beast possessed, but it was noticeable that he kept his revolver cocked and leveled as he did so.
As they went on together the loud private called out after them: "Put 'im t' sleep in my blanket, Simpson.
And at the same time were arrested all socialist Congressmen in Washington, including the unfortunate Simpson, who lay ill with typhoid fever in his hotel.
Hold your noise, Trotter; do now," said Simpson the page.
Simpson, you know, and yet if you do but meet him of a morning, he is not fit to be seen.
They have not even a cathedral, with eleven tons of solid silver archbishops in the back room; and they do not show you any moldy buildings that are seven thousand years old; nor any smoke-dried old fire-screens which are chef d'oeuvres of Reubens or Simpson, or Titian or Ferguson, or any of those parties; and they haven't any bottled fragments of saints, and not even a nail from the true cross.

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