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 (sĭm′yə-lər, -lär′) Archaic
One that simulates; a pretender.
Simulated; sham.

[From Latin simulāre, to simulate; see simulate.]
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a person or thing that simulates or imitates; sham
fake; simulated
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According to Romm, "Bakit Nasa Huli Ang Simula" is his 14th film.
Transformation is global and what the country needs to do is keep up lest we are left behind as we cannot compete as a business, investment and tourist destination,' adds Simula.
This tournament was organised by Simula Sports Club with backing from Ministry of Youth Services and Sports from the state of J&K, and J&K Police Department with the noble cause of giving international exposure and providing ample opportunity to the state's youth to showcase their skills on a truly international platform.
Overall, in C++, using a general purpose language we could now do general level abstraction (Simula) and at the same time stay close to the hardware, which made it easy to perform highly demanding computer tasks with great speed and ease.
Simula Inc., currently owned by BAE Systems Aerospace and Defense Group, Inc., was cited for 11 alleged violations including improper storage of hazardous waste in unclosed containers, and storage of hazardous waste without a permit and in improperly marked containers, as well as failing to submit signed manifests for shipment of hazardous waste.
Cognitive radio is believed by editors Zhang (Simula Research Laboratory, Norway), Zheng (Southeast U., China), and Chen (National Cheng Kung U., Taiwan) to be a high-potential technology to address issues of efficient spectrum usage in wireless communication systems and networks.
Bruce Simula, 53, of Pequoig Avenue, Athol, was arrested by state Trooper Richard Priest at Heywood Hospital, where he was treated for injuries after the crash.
Director of crashworthiness and occupant safety for Dassault's Simula brand, Marc Schrank, said: "The model represents the complex neck and spine construction of the dummy."
One of the world's leading mobile phone component manufacturers, Simula of Taiwan has implemented the Victrex Peek polymer based Vicote Coating in the production process of its slide hinges for handheld devices.
So if your unit has M915 models M915A2P1, M915A3P1, M915A4P1, M916A1P1, M916A2P1, or M916A3P1 with Simula add-on armor (AoA) kits, keep reading.