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 (sĭm′yə-lər, -lär′) Archaic
One that simulates; a pretender.
Simulated; sham.

[From Latin simulāre, to simulate; see simulate.]


a person or thing that simulates or imitates; sham
fake; simulated
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The LOI provides for a good faith deposit, expedited due diligence, payment of a break-up fee if Simula accepts a competing offer, and other terms customary for similar transactions.
Simula Labs was conceived to accelerate open source adoption rates, by identifying and then building open source companies in key infrastructure market segments.
Simula has already been awarded contracts to equip the CABS systems in the Army's fleet of UH-60 Black Hawk and OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters.
Simula Labs, the delivery platform for open source, today announced that Covalent Technologies, a leading supplier of complete enterprise open source solutions, has joined the Simula Labs CoRE Network as an official partner.
Army helicopters follows an extensive series of development contracts performed by Simula to validate the system's effectiveness and its utility in the UH-60A/L helicopter cockpit environment.
jsp), the open source software engineering platform offered by Simula Labs' portfolio company Mergere.
Intercast Europe's President, Paolo Baiocchi, says his company's license agreement with Simula will result in Intercast adding an initial manufacturing capacity for sun and sport lenses of about one million pairs of lenses, and that he expects future expansion will be necessary to meet increased market demand.
The findings of this survey underscore what we've known at Simula Labs for quite some time: growing enterprise embrace of SOA initiatives combined with geographically distributed development teams is contributing to an increasingly complex enterprise software infrastructure," said Winston Damarillo, CEO and founder of Simula Labs.
To acquire an expert evaluation of November's crash test, Dateline NBC visits Simula at its Phoenix headquarters to review the test results with Joseph Coltman, Vice President of Simula.
Mergere is backed by Simula Labs, which provides operational and entrepreneurial expertise to open source companies.
Simula has developed a worldwide reputation for its expertise in crash survival of aircraft, automobile and military tactical vehicle accidents.
Created to bridge the gap between start-up open source companies' need for entrepreneurial guidance and infrastructure and the inherent risk for venture capitalists of investing in early-stage open source companies, the Simula Labs' launch model has been proven to shorten companies' time-to-market and to mitigate uncertainty for investors.