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 (sĭm′yə-lər, -lär′) Archaic
One that simulates; a pretender.
Simulated; sham.

[From Latin simulāre, to simulate; see simulate.]


a person or thing that simulates or imitates; sham
fake; simulated
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In her new role, Simula will be responsible for group-level fundraising and fund investor relations.
This tournament was organised by Simula Sports Club with backing from Ministry of Youth Services and Sports from the state of J&K, and J&K Police Department with the noble cause of giving international exposure and providing ample opportunity to the state's youth to showcase their skills on a truly international platform.
We strive to develop our own products and to create our own innovative designs," said Richard Liu, Vice General Manager R & D Centre, Simula Tech.
The key to identifying the Simula kit is looking at the cab floor.
Robert Monks, a product manager at Simula, said that the company developed the manufacturing technique for the lighter plates.
The material was first created for defense and security applications, according to Gary Boydston, general manager of Simula.