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(ˈsɪn bæd, ˈsɪnd-)

also Sinbad

(in The Arabian Nights' Entertainments) a citizen of Baghdad who acquired great wealth in the course of seven fantastic voyages.
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I remember well what a vizir said to King Sindbad, his master, to prevent him from putting the prince, his son, to death."
What the Greek king said excited the vizir's curiousity, and he said to him, "Sire, I beg your majesty to have the condescension to tell me what the vizir said to King Sindbad."
"This vizir," he replied, "told King Sindbad that one ought not believe everything that a mother-in-law says, and told him this story."
Lucy had had her far-sighted views in begging Tom to come on Sindbad. It appeared, when it was time to go home, that the man-servant was to ride the horse, and cousin Tom was to drive home his mother and Lucy.
Well, William Dobbin had for once forgotten the world, and was away with Sindbad the Sailor in the Valley of Diamonds, or with Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Peribanou in that delightful cavern where the Prince found her, and whither we should all like to make a tour; when shrill cries, as of a little fellow weeping, woke up his pleasant reverie; and looking up, he saw Cuff before him, belabouring a little boy.
The Fairy Peribanou had fled into the inmost cavern with Prince Ahmed: the Roc had whisked away Sindbad the Sailor out of the Valley of Diamonds out of sight, far into the clouds: and there was everyday life before honest William; and a big boy beating a little one without cause.
Jack Maldon as a modern Sindbad, and pictured him the bosom friend of all the Rajahs in the East, sitting under canopies, smoking curly golden pipes - a mile long, if they could be straightened out.
While the Middle East qualifier saw a battle between two B-boys from the same crew -- Legend Crew, represented by B-boy Sindbad and B-boy Hazy (Murshid Sail al Shithani) -- Sindbad proved to be one up and held the audience spellbound with some strong moves.
Sindbad Aqua Resort said: "We are extremely sorry to learn Mr Johnston was ill.
Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Sidra Nadeem, CEO Sindbad's said, 'It gives me immense pleasure to launch Sindbad Xtreme, as we celebrate 27 years of Sindbad, we continue our promise to our patrons to enthral them with many more extraordinary and exciting offerings.
Sindbad Xtreme caters to the entire family and particularly focuses on teenagers and corporate professionals.
A worker walks at the Sindbad oil field near the Iraqi-Iranian border in Basra, Iraq.
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