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A drug, C10H14N2O4, that increases the availability of L-dopa to the brain and is administered with L-dopa to treat Parkinson's disease.

[Alteration of carbo- + dopa.]


n carbidopa
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98 levodopa therapy; most dystonia, effective at hallucinations Sinemet improving motor (carbidopa/ disability (1) levodopa) Sinemet CR No documented $80.
Carbidopalevodopa is marketed under four brand names in the United States: Sinemet [R], Sinemet CR [R] (Sinemet controlled release), Parcopa [R] (an orally disintegrating tablet), and Stalevo [R] (a combination product of carbidopa-levodopa and entacapone) (PDE 2010c).
Sinemet CR, another brand name product, is also encountering generic competition.
Sinemet CR typically enables a patient to reduce dosing frequency by one-third.
Response of gait to an acute challenge with Sinemet CR before and during its use as maintenance anti-parkinsonian therapy.