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A variety of English spoken in Singapore.

[Blend of Singapore and English.]


(Languages) a variety of English spoken in Singapore, incorporating elements of Chinese and Malay
[C20: from a blend of Singaporean + English]
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Likewise, it would have been interesting to mention contact-induced phenomena across Kachru's three circle-model ([1982] 1992)--as in Colloquial Singaporean English (CSE) and Multicultural London English (MLE).
He covers new varieties of English; modeling language change in new Englishes; Kenyan and Singaporean English; the English noun phrase: structure and variation; methodology, corpus handling, and statistics; and studying noun phrase modification in Singaporean English and Kenyan English.
In describing Singaporean English as a close relation to Malaysian English, Leimgruber (2013:120-1) posits that due to the shared history pertaining to the birth of Malaysia and Singapore, the ethnic composition of Singapore and, hence, the core linguistic knowledge of its people is similar to that of Peninsular Malaysia, its closest neighbour, albeit in different proportions.
Malaysian and Singaporean English Discourse Particles: Some Empirical Studies
8) As Singaporean English has many similarities with Malaysian English, and due to the sparse research on Malaysian English discourse particles, research conducted specifically on the discourse particles of these two related varieties of English is discussed to provide a brief background of work previously done.
The children in these families speak Singaporean English as their first language, but have been exposed to Hokkien, Teochew, Mandarin, and Cantonese as well.
Singaporean English can be a source of "cultural cringe" for Singaporeans, due to the troubled nature of its authenticity.
Based on the standardized comprehensibility scales and levels set in this study, the comprehensibility scores of Bruneian English, Malaysian English, Philippine English and Singaporean English are M = 4.
Mahmee, the mother in Kwa's novel, speaks in a Singaporean English, while the two prostitutes and Wu Lan often use standard and even bookish-sounding English.
Three synchronic corpora show differences in British, Jamaican, and Singaporean English.
It might be worth noticing that Singaporean English vocabulary is embraced here.