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Noun1.Singapore dollar - the basic unit of money in SingaporeSingapore dollar - the basic unit of money in Singapore
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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For January 2019, the Chinese yuan reported an appreciation of 2.46 percent, the Japanese yen at 0.87 percent, the Singaporean dollar at 1.22 percent, the Thailand baht at 3.37 percent, Malaysia'a ringgit at 1.10 percent and Indonesia's rupiah at 2.90 percent.
Currently, the online platform offers buying and selling of US dollar, euros, Great Britain pound, Japanese yen, Singaporean dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Swiss franc and Chinese yuan.
He said it was a much better performer compared to other currencies such as the Australian dollar - whose value fell by 9.9 per cent in the same period - Indonesian rupiah (9.8 per cent), Chinese yuan (5.6 per cent), South Korean won (5.7 per cent) and the Singaporean dollar (3 per cent).
Other important currencies that appreciated against the rupee were Malaysian ringgit 14pc, Singaporean dollar 12.3pc, Thai bhat 13.46pc, Korean won 15.86pc and UK pound 13.6pc.
The Singaporean dollar has gained 10 percent against the British pound since the referendum, eroding the value of assets held in Britain.
Tourists were also cautious about spending, with the Singaporean dollar continuing to be strong compared to the currencies of neighbouring countries.
Compared to the market peak of Q3 2007, international residential buyers, through the combined impact of the weakening of sterling, triggered in part by the 'great recession', are now able to capitalise on currency-linked savings of approximately 15 per cent for Euro buyers, rising to and 33.5 per cent for Singaporean Dollar buyers.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore, he added, is considered one of the main reasons behind the success of the Singaporean economy, as it adopted a highly dynamic exchange rate policy that tied the Singaporean dollar to a balanced and secret basket of currencies that are tied to its foreign trade structure.
In the same year the Thai baht devalued 3.17% versus the greenback and 3.17% against the euro, with the South Korean won, Indonesian rupiah and Singaporean dollar all falling by over 1%.
In a week long fund raising campaign they collected US $ 105,350 (Singaporean dollar $140,500).
The offer is triple the size of its 1.18 billion Singaporean dollar partial takeover launched in May for Parkway Holdings.