Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Noun1.Isaac Bashevis Singer - United States writer (born in Poland) of Yiddish stories and novels (1904-1991)
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It presents parallel readings of Ziemia obiecana (The Promised Land, 1899) by Wtadystaw Stanislaw Reymont and Di brider Ashkenazi (The Brothers Ashkenazi, 1936) by Israel Joshua Singer, Isaac Bashevis Singer's The King of the Fields (Yiddish original Der kenig fun di felder, 1988) and Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski's Stara bean (Old Fairy Tale, 1876) as well as Avrum Sutzkever's poem "Tsu Poyln" ("To Poland," 1946), read in the context of Polish poetry of the Romantic period.
Family Moskat, The Novel by Singer, Isaac Bashevis, first published in installments from 1945 to 1948 in the Yiddish-language daily newspaper Forverts and in book form (two volumes) as Di familye Mushkat in 1950.
Spinoza of Market Street, The Title story of a short-story collection by Singer, Isaac Bashevis, published in Yiddish in 1944 as "Der Spinozist.