Singing book

a book containing music for singing; a book of tunes.

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References in classic literature ?
Rebecca sank into her seat and pulled the singing book from her desk.
Meribeth Bunch and Cynthia Vaughn, The Singing Book (New York: Norton, 2004).
By the age of twenty-eight, he had crafted ninety-four hymntunes, anthems, and set pieces, and published The American Singing Book (New Haven: Daniel Read, 1785; five editions by 1796).
One of Read's most-used tunes is WINDHAM, which was published in his 1785 American Singing Book and included in Musica Ecclesiae.
Meribeth Bunch Dayme is the author of several other books that are well known to voice teachers, including the reference text Dynamics of the Singing Voice (Fourth Edition, Wien: Springer-Verlag, 1997) and the class voice textbook The Singing Book that she coauthored with Cynthia Vaughn (New York: W.
Designed for anyone who wants to learn how to sing, The Singing Book combines an easy-to-read text with an anthology of seventy diverse and exciting songs.
Read introduced most of his music to choirs and singing schools in three publications: The American Singing Book (five editions, 1785-96), The American Musical Magazine (twelve numbers comprising one volume, 1786-87), and The Columbian Harmonist (four editions, 1793-1810).
Button batteries are found in many common household products such as remote control devices that unlock car doors, TV remote controls, calculators, hearing aids, bathroom scales, reading lights, flameless candles and talking and singing books and greeting cards.
Music therapy's been key for the Grant girls, and their parents are bringing it to a wider audience with Jump Up And Join In, a series of singing books for kids including those with special needs.
For the singing books, dictionaries, encyclopedias or anywhere is enforced, it can be assured a superior quality of render of the sounds, these can be listened either way in headphones or not.
Osmund plans to capture the castle and steal Igraine's magic singing books just as her parents mistakenly turn themselves into pigs.
Button batteries are found in common household items such as remote controls, laptops, car key openers, toys, wrist watches, singing books and cards, Ms Victoria said.