Singing fish

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(Zool.) a California toadfish (Porichthys porosissimus), called also midshipman; - so called because it produces a buzzing sound with its air bladder.

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Big Mouth Billy Bass the singing fish would always greet visitors at Gadget Shop - it was basically a toy shop for adults.
For this inaugural exhibition, Mathew has created a series of oil paintings featuring comical characters such as a singing fish, a family of dogs and owls with human characteristics and his favourite animated character The Joker.
The mackerel's stunned smiles recall poor Big Mouth Billy Bass, the ubiquitous animatronic singing fish with a limited repertoire.
| |BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS The Queen was so amused by Billy Bass the singing fish - a mounted fish which moves and mimes the words to Take Me To The River or Don't Worry, Be Happy - that she was apparently given six more for Balmoral.
Big Mouth Billy Bass, the singing fish on a wall plaque, made millions, and let's not forget plastic wishbones so everyone can make a wish, Tamagotchi, the virtual reality pet, and the i-Fart app available from iTunes, which has been downloaded more than two million times.
The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said she "is quite prepared to tease and to be teased" - and added that she keeps a dancing and singing fish toy on the grand piano at Balmoral for her amusement.
Kind of like when I bought my uncle one of those singing fish that were all the rage about 10 years ago.
"The award-winning company is already well known for its ability to successfully convert sensitive, historic sites such as High Bridge, preserving and enhancing the unique character of the area." The Lugano Group, which is chaired by businessman Barry Moat - the man behind Billy the Singing Fish who was also linked with a takeover bid for Newcastle United in 2009 - already has planning permission for student accommodation on the site.
The museum is to give the pub a life-size replica, but in the meantime Emma has put a battery-operated singing fish on the wall.
THE Italian team yesterday called on Billy the Singing Fish to inspire them with confidence ahead of tonight's match against Wales - with a rendition of I Will Survive.
AN ornamental singing fish has topped a list of fads that have failed the test of time.