Singing master

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a man who teaches vocal music.

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"It's because she was in love with that fat one in spectacles" (that was how Petya described his namesake, the new Count Bezukhov) "and now she's in love with that singer" (he meant Natasha's Italian singing master), "that's why she's ashamed!"
A gleam of exultation shot across the darkly-painted lineaments of the inhabitant of the forest, as he traced the route of his intended victims, who rode unconsciously onward, the light and graceful forms of the females waving among the trees, in the curvatures of their path, followed at each bend by the manly figure of Heyward, until, finally, the shapeless person of the singing master was concealed behind the numberless trunks of trees, that rose, in dark lines, in the intermediate space.
"In 1855 - following a farewell concert at the Lord Nelson Street Rooms to raise money for his trip - he left Liverpool to spend two years training with singing master Gaetano Nava in Milan, Italy."
(18) By this point in the poem, the singing master has already mentioned Walter s incompetence in singing notes in tune, especially the notes bequarre and bemol--the fa in the F hexachord (B-flat) and mi in the G hexachord (B-natural):
The ChoirFest runs until Saturday at Dubai College, and visitors can participate in various workshops ranging from beat boxing lessons and perfecting the art of conducting, to mastering piano techniques and special singing master classes with The Prince Consort.
Not a lot is known about Bauldeweyn (circa 1480-1513), but he was a singing master at the prestigious St.
Chapter two, "Singing Master of the Soul: The Attendant Spirit," turns to the complex role of the Attendant Spirit, who he views as the initiatory rite's master of ceremonies.
Jon will also give a singing master class at the church on September 8 from 2pm to 4pm.
Jude Legrice, 34, fell in love with Rebecca Norton's voice when they were both receiving a singing master class in Canterbury in 1999.
The teenage wonder kid is on course to meet hot Cuban favourite Mario Cesar Kindelan - and coach Terry Edwards has been using an old singing master to help Khan avenge his defeat in a pre-Olympics tournament.
But for a second or two in the centre of Birmingham I found myself singing Master of The House to the writers of the world's greatest musical, Les Miserables.
Love and lust also abandoned him when Mrs Thrale went off to Italy with the singing master who seduced her after her husband died.