Singing school

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a school in which persons are instructed in singing.

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He used to be a beau of mine--he seen me home three times from singing school when we was young.
The Singing School Teacher salutes pop singer Clifford T Ward, the Bromsgrove tutor who encouraged Vinny to become a professional musician, while other tracks - such as Malvern Winter Gardener, A Girl From Bromsgrove Town and Detroitwich - brim with local references.
The evening film is again one for the family with the latest Nativity Rocks (U) in which the singing school kids square up to new rivals in a Christmas competition.
The gifted blind musician belted out the 1970s disco classic Everybody Dance during a Christmas show organised by her singing school, in what was to be her final public performance.
Now, as friends plan a fundraising karaoke night memory of the tragic victim, her singing school has revealed details of her last performance on December 10.
More than 100 visitors enjoyed the variety of acts, judged by the Loughborough Martial Arts Centre, Charnwood School of Dance and Drama, and Maria's Singing School, who provided feedback to each of the contestants plus vouchers and passes as prizes to add to prizes donated by BrightLights theatre group, Frenzy Youth Theatre and Loughborough Laser Quest.
Stephen said: "From a young age he has been dancing, singing and performing, and we put him in a singing school in New Marske.
Baptists in the British North American colonies (and later the United States), however, had no qualms about participating in the singing school, an institution that was initially designed to teach people how to read music so they could participate more fully and intelligently in the congregational singing of the church.
Their bailiwick--the seeming discrete places of the cathedral such as their singing school, the residence hall, the cathedral choir, the churchyard, the grammar school--was as porous as the activities that took place there.
Alma Fohstrom's life and art is reconstructed in the thesis through letters and other archival material, photographs, newspaper and periodical reports, scores, textbooks--especially Alma Fohstrom's teacher Henriette Nissen-Saloman's Singing School of 1881--and some preserved recordings of Alma Fohstrom.
Choirs of Vilnius Liepaites Choral Singing School, D.