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She might awaken, it was true; and on the other hand, and with equal chance, he might be the wrong man for her, and his declaration of love might only more firmly set her in her views on single blessedness.
Boarham; and as I would rather grow, live, and die in single blessedness - than be his wife, it is but right that I should tell him so at once, and put him out of suspense - so let me go.
Five days of undisturbed tranquillity, of delicious single blessedness, quite restored me.
He has great plans for us, He wants to lead us to our unique vocation, whether married life, single blessedness or even the religious life.
School teachers are not born old maids but have single blessedness thrust upon them.
Chambers-Schiller finds that in public spinsters used the language of the "Cult of Single Blessedness," while in private they acknowledged their strivings, their "ambition and desire for recognition.
As to his single blessedness, Hilbay said, there is no reason to be sad.