Single court

(Lawn Tennis) a court laid out for only two players.
- Burril.

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References in classic literature ?
You know his weakness for balls, and he never misses a single court ball.
The prosecution said since all the cases stemmed from a single incident, their consolidation is necessary to accord the respondents "the benefit of saving time and litigation costs considering that they will appear before a single court which shall hear the totality" of the charges.
After a six-day court trial, the District Court found multiple OML violations by each respondent, but rejected appellants demand that respondents be removed from office because the violations were found in a single court action.
34-149597CONS1 includes the construction of a multi-purpose single court sports hall and related support spaces including but not limited to- stage, amenities & storerooms, kiosk, sportsscience/kinesiology lab.
A division bench comprising Justice Aamir Farooq and Justice Miangul Hassan Auranzeb passed the directions while hearing the intra-court appeal moved by the Wasim Afzal Warraich through his counsel, Nisar Ahmed challenging single court order.
Tennis singles men take places on single court after rules and specific structure.
According to Mr Robinson, these powers should include single court orders that order groups to move out of the area, rather than officials having to apply to remove groups from each location.
Peter Ong, senior state assistant prosecutor, said rules on criminal procedure allowed a single court to try the three cases against De Lima.
We have filed a case against them, but they have not participated in any single court hearing and instead mock the judiciary saying that they are immune to any punishment.
Yet, generations of heroes and champions have lost their lives before they even had a chance to touch their mothers' hands-all because of a single court decision.
By verbal leave of court at the conclusion of the court proceeding when appearing solely to provide coverage for a single court proceeding and the court waived the requirement of filing a notice of appearance, as described in subdivision (f)(1)(D).
Since the UPC is a single Court with multiple divisions spread across about eight countries at present, strictly speaking this is true.