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Of, relating to, or concerned with a single public issue, especially a controversial one, to the exclusion of all other issues: single-issue politics.
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Guest columnist Amelia McDowell, 16, from Northern Ireland focused on the problem of single-issue politics. You say
Single-issue politics like Brexit and independence is divisive and making people angry, writes Jim Duffy.
At the same time, if the bishops were to honestly assess what they've accomplished after more than 40 years of single-minded, single-issue politics, they might reconsider.
This turns out to be a particularly pure test of transactional, single-issue politics. Would you trade a major political gain for a large chunk of your moral reputation?
Political parties are experiencing a temporary period of disfavor in this era of single-issue politics. Compromise for the common good requires a level of maturity.
A two-party system will foster political competition at the level of big ideas and wholesale policies rather than narrow, single-issue politics that trap legislatures in an endless blame game.
"It's our job as lawyers--it's your job as the YLD, as the law students who are studying this profession--to get out and educate everyone you can on the importance of keeping politics out of our court system so that the most important system--in my opinion, the most important branch that is going to uphold the democracy of this country--will not be threatened by such single-issue politics."
M4C may deliver, but as a platform for community action, local, single-issue politics will feature more than unified national campaigns.
With debt ceiling drama, extremist and single-issue politics and sex scandals, there are plenty of reasons for the public to lack faith in elected officials, but our democracy cannot succeed without their strong leadership.
It tells everyone that LGBT people are willing to go beyond single-issue politics to actually affirm their unity with their fellow human beings.
Political commentators have been cogitating on the shift away from political parties towards single-issue politics for many years.
[And] I believe single-issue politics is almost always not a good idea."