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A variety of English spoken in Singapore.

[Blend of Singapore and English.]
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(Languages) a variety of English spoken in Singapore, incorporating elements of Chinese and Malay
[C20: from a blend of Singaporean + English]
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"Singlish" or Singaporean English has its roots in colonial rule and has since become independent from British English, integrating grammar and vocabulary from languages that reflect Singapore's immigrant history - including Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Tamil among others.
The many languages that Singapore embraces and spoken by its people, including patois (Singlish) and dialects, appearing in literature and plays, for example, add a unique ethnic flavor not found in cities in China and Southeast Asia, and the fluency of English used by Singaporean artists/writers allows Singaporean work to be easily understood by English-speaking audiences all over the world.
Although many Singaporeans are excited that "CRA" (as it is called in Singlish) will catalyze a tourist boom, complaints are rife.
Surely, there would have been no requirement for such ripostes if speaking Singaporean English (Singlish) and being Asian were not elements of belonging to Singapore.
It's already famous for being one of the greenest cities in the world, for pioneering the world's first Formula 1 night race, and of course for having its iconic Merlionnot to mention the colorful Singlish and the fabulous street-food hawker-style centers.
It speaks English as well as Singlish --a Singaporean creole--Chinese, Hokkien, Malay and Tamil.
"The main cast also comprises non-Singaporean actors who mostly speak in western accents," he said, alluding to vetoed attempts by local members of the cast to include more "Singlish" -- a form of local patois -- in the film.
The list can go on, such as "Singapore is a safe country," "Singapore is a highly regulated country," but the most important thing to me is that "Singapore is home." I am most comfortable in Singapore, surrounded by all my friends and family, being unique in our own way, such as having our own dialects and language a "Singlish."
The teenager started his own YouTube channel on July 28, 2012, and posted his first video - a review of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises." However, he became recognized as the next big sensation on social media only after he uploaded a sketch titled "How To Speak Singlish," which went viral.
Some of SWRD's critics today, who can hardly string together a sentence in 'Singlish' leave alone English, would not have attained the high positions that they occupy now, if not for SWRD opening the doors of power and privilege to the Sinhala educated.
These Singlish terms derived from the local languages are extensively used in chat by students.